Barefoot CAMPUS Outfitter


Web Banner Specs

Ratio: 5:1
Recommended Resolution: 2560×512 – Can be lower res than this is needed but as long as it’s 5:1

Ratio: 3:1
Recommended Resolution: 1440×480 – Can be lower res than this is needed but as long as it’s 3:1

Key Performance Indicators

  1. Daily Online Revenue
  2. Monthly Online Revenue
  3. Annual Online Revenue
  4. Daily Site Visits
  5. Daily Ad Clicks
  6. Average Order Value
  7. New Users
  8. Bounce Rate

Color Palette






Barefoot: Lets Rally Campaign

OBJECTIVEThis campaign will focus on a digital marketing strategy that is driven to bring brand awareness through a positive campaign with the featured thought of rallying together. This campaign will not push any specific products. The feel of this campaign will be...

Barefoot: Gear Up & Save

OBJECTIVEIncrease overall sales, AOV, and visits to the website by targeting college students with big discount offers for 2 weeks towards the beginning of school starting. Campaign copyHeader/Call to Action: "Gear Up & Save!" Subheader: "Up to 25% Off Sitewide +...

Barefoot Case Study

Barefoot Campus Outfitters Football Campaign 2019College students are the most tech savvy of all the personas. Social media ads that are hyper specific and mobile friendly e-commerce will be particularly useful with this group. Graphics should be colorful and express...


Here are some of the resources needed for the project.

VYBE Marketing Team

President & COO Kelsey Wallen
Project Manager: Michelle Cooper