Barefoot Campus Outfitters Football Campaign 2019

College students are the most tech savvy of all the personas. Social media ads that are hyper specific and mobile friendly e-commerce will be particularly useful with this group. Graphics should be colorful and express school spirit! Recall individualists with a pack mentality.


In-store and online promotion will take users to a landing page with an offer for each Barefoot Campus Outfitter university. These include Baylor, Florida State, Fort Lewis, Iowa State, South Carolina, Sam Houston, Tarleton State, and Texas State. 


In Store Campaign 8/23/19 – 12/1/19
Online Campaign 8/19/19 – 12/1/19

Our Creative Solutions

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  • Increased Site Traffic 56% 56%
  • Increased New Visitors 54% 54%
  • Increased Sales 35% 35%
  • Over 400 Orders Placed 400% 400%
  • Over 6,000Orders Placed 6000% 6000%


Landing Page

The landing page would be the first thing our audience would see when they arrived at our site so we knew we needed to make it look good. We captured the audience by displaying product offers on the landing page.


Facebook is the largest social media platform with 2.45 billion monthly users. Since 76% of 18-24 year olds use Facebook, it was an optimal platform for this campaign.

Insta Ads

The key demographics found on Instagram are adults aged 18-24. Due to the large amount of time spent by our demographic on Instagram (2 hours and 23 minutes per day), we chose Instagram as the main social media platform where we would run ads.


98% of users don’t convert the first time we make contact with them. Retargeting allows us to remarket to the users that bounced from the website the first time so that they may reconsider converting.


According to Nielsen, 27% of US online shoppers will subscribe to product emails in order to save money. Knowing this statistic, we knew email would be a crucial channel to get our market excited about the promotion.


Twitter is often used to post news updates and timely content. The channel also hosts active users within the demographics of the brand. For this reason, we identified it as a viable option for promoting the campaign.

Insta Stories

Instagram Stories is a trending feature on Instagram that many users in the 18-24 year old age group have adopted. According to our research, 1 in 4 Millennials and Gen Z-ers commonly look for stories of products they are interested in buying.

Google Text Ads

We used Google Text Ads to help get our landing page in front of the right demographics depending on a series of search terms.


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