Web Banner Specs

Ratio: 5:1
Recommended Resolution: 2560×512 – Can be lower res than this is needed but as long as it’s 5:1

Ratio: 3:1
Recommended Resolution: 1440×480 – Can be lower res than this is needed but as long as it’s 3:1

Color Palette






Barefoot: Lets Rally Campaign

OBJECTIVEThis campaign will focus on a digital marketing strategy that is driven to bring brand awareness through a positive campaign with the featured thought of rallying together. This campaign will not push any specific products. The feel of this campaign will be...

Barefoot: Gear Up & Save

OBJECTIVEIncrease overall sales, AOV, and visits to the website by targeting college students with big discount offers for 2 weeks towards the beginning of school starting. Campaign copyHeader/Call to Action: "Gear Up & Save!" Subheader: "Up to 25% Off Sitewide +...

Barefoot Case Study

Barefoot Campus Outfitters Football Campaign 2019College students are the most tech savvy of all the personas. Social media ads that are hyper specific and mobile friendly e-commerce will be particularly useful with this group. Graphics should be colorful and express...


Here are some of the resources needed for the project.

VYBE Marketing Team

President & COO Kelsey Wallen
Project Manager: Michelle Cooper