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The voice of Wall Co. is as dependable as it is bold. The intent is to communicate integrity through quality work. Wall Co. should position themselves as the expert in the field through branding that is memorable yet simple and to the point. Wall Co. holds a tone that is authentic and honest. The owner, Cody Wall, personally oversees each project. It is a goal that each customer be pleased with the final product, setting Wall Co. apart from the rest. While Wall Co. is located in a smaller town, they carry the level of expertise as a big city construction company. Wall Co.’s online presence must be defined and direct.

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Mock Ups



Trade Professional

Hard-working blue collar professional


Dedicated Daniel has chosen his path and sticks to what he knows. Dedicated Daniel lives for today and is somewhat of a rogue member of society. 


  • Demographic could skew male or female
  • Ages 18- 50
  • Household income: $50,000 per year – $100,000+ per year
  • Lives nearby in a small town, usually in transition


  • These trade guys are money driven (they move where the jobs are)
  • They love their toys – guns, tools, equipment, motors, Copenhagen etc.
  • Typically have a couple of children
  • They prefer to keep it simple


  • Fish and game records
  • Save money and dream big
  • Keep his mom happy


  • Industry fluctuation / job changes
  • Financial stress
  • Knowing when it’s the right decision
  • Stepping outside their comfort zone personally and professionally

How to Reach Dedicated Daniel:

It’s best to position yourself boldly and across multiple platforms. Dedicated Daniel is traditional with his values, yet adventurous with his social communication and recreational activities. He likes to be on top of trends and impress his peers. Make yourself easy to find on Google, re-target him like crazy, and remain relatable, yet cool with your social media presence. There’s a fine line between conservative and edgy with Dedicated Daniel.


Enterprising ethan

Industry Buyers


These decision-makers work with their material managers and existing suppliers, as well as new suppliers, coordinating and maintaining all internal supplier support functions.


  • Demographic could skew male or female
  • Ages 35 – 65
  • Household income: $140,000+ per year
  • Lives in an established family friendly neighborhood near a golf course


  • Married with children
  • High end appearance (clothes, accessories, food and drink, etc)
  • Well spoken, yet casual extrovert
  • Dominant personality


  • Rising and staying at the top professionally 
  • Leaving a legacy
  • Setting children up for success


  • Dual career/family pressures
  • Personal insecurities
  • Admitting defeat

How to Reach Enterprising Ethan:

Stay focused on quality and prestige with top brands and case studies. Results, relationships, and quality are most important to him. He can be difficult to stay in front of, but because he is so organized, once you establish the relationship, expectations will be clear. Your job is to make his job easier. Take extra steps to impress them, it does not go unnoticed. Be sure all materials and access points are relevant, high-quality, and up-to-date. They are modern traditionalists when it comes to media habits, so all mainstream digital channels are appropriate. 


Well-Off Wes

Affluent Capitalist


Well-off Wes is an executive that loves to work, but also loves his time off. He has a family and is well into his career. Well-off Wes is comfortable delegating, he is the boss after all. 


  • Demographic could skew male or female
  • Ages 35 – 65
  • Household income: $240,000+ per year
  • Owns multiple residences and has a hunting lease 


  • In appearance he is very masculine, a Texas version of an “all American”
  • Wears Tecovas on the job site
  • Exudes confidence, also has an understated humble side


  • Always improving business practices
  • The best ROI both personally and professionally
  • Make money


  • Putting accomplishments in front of happiness
  • Keeping a healthy lifestyle 
  • Hippies, except for Willie Nelson
  • Ensuring his children experience his same successes in life

How to Reach Well-off Wes:

Well-off Wes is conservative, yet he will surprise you sometimes. He’s spent much of his life committed to accomplishing all that is expected of him. The best way to reach him is through his peers and those he admires. If they’re doing it, he’s doing it. Without the influence of those close to him, you have to give the “why.” The moment he believes your product is valuable, he wants to learn more. He doesn’t have a lot of time, though. Be sure you are easily discoverable on search engines and that your branding is influential.


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Client Contact

Cody Wall:                   cody@wallconstruction.com

Kayci Wall:                  kayci@wallconstruction.com

Brittany Baze:             brittany@wallconstruction.com

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