Valor game calls




  1. Redesign Logo to elevate brand
  2. New Tagline to gain attention from demographic
  3. Define Key Demographic Tiers
  4. Define formulas for content to be sure we hit target demographics


These personas are based off of Valor Game Calls Customer Demographic

Male, 20-35 years old / Male, 35-50 years old

Charismatic Father Figure
“Traditional Troy”


Traditional Troy is a hard worker, he is well into his career and identifies himself as accomplished. He is comfortable in his leadership role at home, in the community and at work. 


  • Demographic skews male
  • Ages 35 – 65
  • Household income: $120,000+
  • Lives in a traditional home, potentially on a large piece of property Identifiers:
  • Put-together appearance
  • Conservative spender, however has high quality assets like a Ford King Ranch truck
  • Hobbyist that enjoys golf, travel, fishing etc. 
  • Old school charmer (identifies with their generation)


  • Health and wellness
  • Protecting assets and investments for children
  • Making a difference, notable recognition


  • New technology and trends
  • Health and fitness
  • Showing emotion
  • Mid-life choices

How to Reach Traditional Troy:

Stay focused on networking and reputation, word of mouth is powerful with this demographic. Make them feel like they’ve been given a deal. The best marketing channels for Traditional Troy are traditional! These include billboards, promotional materials for networking events, and be sure you have an easily navigated online presence (SEO).

Mid-Lifer Hobbyist

“Reliable Richard”


Reliable Richard is steady and well-ordered in life. He is financially stable and dependable to those around him, including colleagues, family and friends. He’s a bit set in his ways and looks to new adventures (hobbies) as outlets to learn more about himself and build his experience with the world. 


  • Demographic could be male or female
  • Ages 45 – 60
  • Household income: $80,000+
  • Lives in an established neighborhood in his paid off ranch style home


  • Highly maintained appearance (hair, nails, eye cream, etc)
  • Likes to be “in-the-know”, stays involved in family and community groups
  • Has a smartphone, but never answers it
  • Worries about everyone all the time


    • Health and longevity
    • Learning new things
    • Instilling good memories and healthy habits


    • Choosing positive trends
    • New technology
    • Balancing family and self-care
    • Financial stress (specifically unknowns, like budgeting medical care)

    How to Reach Reliable Richard:

    Reliable Richard is traditional, yet surprisingly open to new ideas. He’s spent so much of his life committed to routine, he’s open to stepping out of it from time to time. The best way to reach him is to give him the “why”. He wants to learn more the moment he sees that your product is a viable option, whether that’s through educational videos or recommendations from trusted sources. He is interested in sport and competition as it lends to a sense of accomplishment and status. Let him know about your business through invitationals and trusted real life testimonials. 

    Trade Professional

    “Dedicated Daniel”


    Dedicated Daniel is a Hard-working blue collar professional and has chosen his path and sticks to what he knows. Dedicated Daniel lives for today and is somewhat of a rogue member of society. 


    • Demographic could be male or female
    • Ages 18 – 50
    • Household income: $25,000/year – $90,000+/year
    • Lives nearby in a small town


    • These trade guys are money driven (move where the jobs are)
    • They love their toys – guns, tools, equipment, motors, copenhagen etc.
    • Typically have a couple children
    • They prefer to keep it simple


        • Fish and game records
        • Save money and dream big
        • Keep his Momma happy and his Daddy proud


        • Industry fluctuation / job changes
        • Financial stress
        • Knowing when it’s the right decision
        • Stepping outside their comfort zone

        How to Reach Dedicated Daniel:

        It’s best to position yourself boldly and across multiple platforms. Dedicated Daniel is traditional with his values, yet adventurous with his social communication and recreational activities. He likes to be on top of trends and impress his peers. Make yourself easy to find on Google, re-target him like crazy, and remain relatable yet cool with your social media presence. There’s a fine line between conservative and edgy with this one. 

        TAG LINE

        “Call Of The Wild”

        Simple and to the point, this tagline provides an elevated feel
        (similar to Yeti.) It is clean, cut, and can easily be used on merchandise. It ties in the game calls, the invitation to the wild, and creates a presence that Valor is the go-to sound when hunting in the wilderness.


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        VYBE Marketing Team

        President & COO Kelsey Wallen
        Project Manager: Michelle Cooper