Family Matters



To turn the conversation to the desired audience, the family of the elders. Often the responsibility of caregiving is left to the adult children of these senior citizens. We want to reach this audience, reassuring the family that The Help is an experienced, caring, and trustworthy resource for mending the gap and creating more independence for the loved ones. Weave campaign imagery and language into the existing brand smoothly and effortlessly. 


Greater DFW Area, children of the Boomer Generation, this is an entire demographic (74 million Americans) that is seeking answers, encouragement, and relief. Speak to their unique situation, their strength and remind them that they are not alone.


“Family Matters”

“It’s Okay to Ask for Help”

“This is Peace of Mind”


Show the personal side of this small business, highlight the advantages of The Help over larger, more corporate competitors. This campaign should feel genuine and respectful. Like an extension of the family, The Help staff is caring and loving, as well as, qualified and credible. 


Imagery should be “real,” stay away from stock photography as much as possible. Consider utilizing local senior portrait photographer, “Silver-Hairline Photography.” Show these elders in a light that is true, respectful, mindful, and independent. Position the campaign, “Family Matters” as a story-telling initiative, highlighting real life accounts. Talk about the successes, the major life events, and the relationships The Help staff has with their clients. Create a safe space for family members to talk, connect with one another, cope and learn from one another.


Ad Concept

Color Palette








Recommended Assets and Channels

Photography – Monthly senior mini photoshoots 

Videography – Quarterly videos testimonies of clients – how they arrived at the decision to seek help, explain their unique situation

Facebook Group management

UX driven web updates

Google text ads


Facebook Group

Facebook Group: The Help Private Care Support Group

About: As we are locally owned and operated, the safety and well-being of this community comes first for us. This area and its residents are dear to us and we have their best interests at heart.

Create a private Facebook group that is for those who find themselves in a position caring for an elderly or disabled family member. This can be a circle of support, advice and sharing.

Facebook In-Feed Ads

  1. Retargeting (pixel) $200 budget (billed by GreenFox) (monthly)
  2. Prospecting $200 budget (billed by Greenfox) (monthly)

Family Matters
It’s Okay to Ask for Help

Facebook Organic

Posting 3x per week with original content, brand awareness and campaign development. See Social Formula in Resources below. 

Landing Page

Landing page needs to include blurb about recognizing unique situations, managing expectations, and be sure the user is assured that they are not alone. 

Consider Services Page:

Weave campaign imagery and language into the existing brand smoothly and effortlessly. “Family matters. We are here to help.” 

Include form to input email to receive the newsletters.


Feature current tips, research, encouragement, articles, blogs that promote self care. Include links to the FB Support Group videos to testimonies.


Blog Ideas:

  • personal testimony forum
  • quality time with our loved ones
  • finding strength by self care that allows one to face difficult decisions


Here are some of the resources needed for the project.


Pleasant Pamela

Working Baby Boomer

“Pleasant Pamela”


Pleasant Pamela is a hard working baby boomer. She is married, her children are grown and she is more than likely still working in her career. 


  • Skews female
  • Ages 55 – 65
  • Dual household income: $150,000+
  • Lives in an established neighborhood, more than likely still in the home where she raised her children


  • Still has a disposable income
  • Resources the internet for products and services, but still tends to buy in store
  • She loves her smartphone, but she’s not chained to it
  • Uses Facebook more than any other social media platform


  • Managing guilt over self care
  • Travel and connection
  • Staying young at heart


  • Balancing the needs of her children and also her parents
  • Budgeting for retirement
  • Coming to terms with end of life planning

How to Reach Pleasant Pamela:

Create compelling videos, boomers love researching online! Get in front of Pamela on Facebook and be easy to find on Google. Provide reviews and customer service, as well, make sure that your website is easy to read and navigate. Be transparent. Offer pricing, policies and and as much documentation as you can up front. This persona loves the “long sale,” they’ll research and research, then they’ll set an appointment, then they’ll come to see you in person, especially for something as personal as a family member’s care. 

Mindful Michelle

Sympathetic Spouse


This persona is not as easy to pinpoint, as this circumstance could potentially happen to anyone. They are middle to upper class, probably still well into their career and may have a family they live with and support.


  • Demographic skews male or female
  • Ages 35 – 65
  • Household income: $120,000+
  • Lives in a traditional home


  • Put-together appearance
  • Self-aware and disciplined
  • Manages life balance well
  • Resourceful


  • Health and wellness
  • Protecting and caring for family
  • Preparedness


  • Accepting fault
  • Time and energy
  • Maintaining social relationships

How to Reach Mindful Michelle:

Mindful Michelle is looking for you. Be easy to find on platforms like Google and Facebook. Mindful Michelle doesn’t have a lot of free time and needs someone they can trust. Word of mouth and transparency go a long way. Mindful Michelle likes updates that they can either access easily. Anticipate their needs or problems. Newsletters, blogs, and e-blasts would work well with this group.


Campaign Launch

March 30, 2020 – December 31, 2020
(Upon Partnership Renewal)

GreenFox Contact

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Account Director

Lindsey Moore