2020 Community campaign



Drive brand awareness of Stephenville Education Foundation’s mission and vision through a community message from the board members. Create opportunities for involvement from the community.


Position the brand at the forefront this campaign, with a message that  instills hope, purpose and encouragement to the Stephenville community (including parents, students, teachers, and educational staff).


Launch late August 2020


Color Palette





Organic Facebook

Existing Print Materials

Facebook Advertisement

E-Blast (Bloomerang)


Website (add video to website – recommended)


Campaign outline


Kick off the campaign with a branded video that instills hope, purpose and encouragement to your community. Leverage the SEF mission in this video to create awareness of the SEF organization’s overall purpose.

Continued Campaign

Build on the natural momentum that this video will cause and create excitement about the efforts of SEF in the community. Relate events, news, updates, grants, etc. back to the mission and grounding element of this video as often as possible.



Launch Video: Message from the Board

  1. We are here for you in this season, supporting our community now as much as ever
  2. SEF mission (general)
  3. What to expect from us over next 3 months (detail the plan)

Resource Videos:

Interview local specialists/subject matter experts like special education teachers, school counselors, advocates in the community, child behavior therapists, etc. Have them provide genuine resources and help, along with awareness. Always tie into the SEF mission in these videos.

website update

We recommend that SEF add this video to the home page of their website. If desired, GreenFox will supply a quote for this project.



One a month, GreenFox will create a blog post based on the specific resources, tips and information that are notable or new.

The soft CTA is to “get involved”, with a link to that web page.

e-blast (bloomerang)

One a month, e-blasts will go out to the email list that share specific resources, past grants, tips and information that are notable or new.

The soft CTA is to “get involved”, with a link to that web page

Facebook organic posts

Post video and supportive content on an ongoing basis.

Facebook ads

Use Facebook ads to drive awareness. We recommend upping the budget to increase visibility at no additional management fee. 

Note: The SEF ad budget is invoiced by GreenFox.


Video Concept

This community focused collaborative video shows the tone and videography style that we recommend for the SEF Board of Directors message. Using a mix of B-Roll and interview style would be a good addition to this style.


Here are some of the resources needed for the project.


Chic Charlotte

Modern Mom


Chic Charlotte is a young working mom. She has a college degree, she is married and she has a couple kids. 


  • Skews female
  • Ages 25 – 45
  • Dual household income: $150,000+
  • Lives in the suburbs in a good school district


  • Busy working mom who wants the best for her kids
  • Believes in the power of social media, for connections, also for news and events
  • Educated follower of trends and the source of a product
  • Values the product / company’s story more than the cost


  • Finding balance at work and at home
  • Ensuring the happiness and health of her family
  • Maintaining a personal identity


  • Her family schedule, different ages, different needs, all of them important
  • Finding time for herself
  • Finding time at all! 

How to Reach Chic Charlotte:

Keep your messaging easy to access and widespread with a responsive website and digital marketing including Google and Facebook. Offer time savings and consider company values in targeted marketing efforts.

Traditional troy

Charismatic Father Figure and Business Owner

Ages 35 – 70


Traditional Troy is a hard worker, he is well into his career and identifies himself as accomplished. He is comfortable in his leadership role at home, in the community and at work.


  • Demographic skews male
  • Ages 35 – 70
  • Household income: $150,000+
  • Lives in a traditional home, potentially on a large piece of property


  • Put-together appearance
  • Conservative spender, however has high quality assets like a Ford King Ranch truck
  • Hobbyist that enjoys golf, travel, fishing etc.
  • Old school charmer (identifies with their generation)


  • Health and wellness
  • Protecting assets and investments for children
  • Making a difference, notable recognition


  • New technology and trends
  • Health and fitness
  • Showing emotion
  • Mid-life choices

How to Reach Traditional Troy:

Stay focused on networking and reputation, word of mouth is powerful with this demographic. Make them feel like they’ve been given a deal. The best marketing channels for Traditional Troy are traditional! These include billboards, promotional materials for networking events, and be sure you have an easily navigated online presence (SEO).


Campaign Timeline

LAUNCH 02/10/20

Client Contact


Kristin Cashon: kristin@barefootathletics.com

Matt Miller: mattandcindymiller@gmail.com

PO Box 314 Stephenville TX





GreenFox Team

Senior Account Director: Lindsey Moore
Creative Director: Melissa McGavock
Art Director: Amy Winters
Digital Director: Aaron Meeks