Revolver Brewing is a macro-bought former craft brand interested in a campaign that connects their business to their location, Granbury, Texas. The goal is to generate local buzz, general marketing, brand awareness, a younger demographic, and ultimately a stronger relationship with Granbury. Optimize the strength of this campaign by integrating a national non-profit or conversation. This will resonate with consumers in a stronger and more immediate way.

Consumer and industry Insight

“Brewery taprooms are one of this decade’s breakout beer stories, with the Brewers Association (BA) reporting that 85% of Americans now live within 10 miles of a brewery… with the number of breweries growing 20% this year to more than 7,000, oversaturation pushes greater numbers out. More than rebranding, refocusing on core beers or contorting oneself into ever more creative promotions, craft breweries simply must bring in new types of drinkers.” – Forbes, Food & Drink, “9 Beer And Spirits Predictions For 2019”


Bought by Anheuser-Busch in 2016, Karbach Brewing Co is a comparable micro-gone-macro competitor. Their brand is much looser than Revolver, they design a completely new look for each style of beer, the only consistency is the logo. As for marketing initiatives, they are widespread and fairly aggressive. They have print marketing, billboards (even some in Shiner, Texas), they have a heavy social presence, they sponsor and host music festivals, and they partner with large and local organizations (like the Houston Astros). A portion of the sales of their Crawford Bock benefits the Astros Foundation and its community initiatives.

The Pitch

Consider a Granbury focused beer, called “1866” or “Trinity,” see concepts below. For “1866”, we suggest a partnership with the Lance McLean Memorial Foundation, a local fallen hero. For “Trinity”, a partnership with the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation is proposed. 

A portion of the proceeds from sales of this “Granbury” beer would be given to the non-profit you choose. In addition, we advise a formal reveal by hosting a Memorial Day Weekend event at Revolver, with keynote speaker, Taya Kyle. 

Aligning Revolver with an organization connected to this area, that is also nationally recognized is the third part of this campaign strategy that will ensure its success. This kind of influence connects Revolver with Granbury and at the same time resonates with brand new consumers. 

QUARTERly event ideas

  1. Dog Friendly Event / Fundraiser Partner with Hood County Animal Shelter

  2. Paddle Board Race/Obstacle Course on Lake sponsored by Hobie

  3. Revolver Sponsored Concert (Texas country / blues artists like William Clark Green, opener Big Joe Walker)

  4. Speakeasy style tour with password and funky Granbury history experience



Granbury Focused Beer









Local Lifestyle publication LGL

Revolver Brewing

This campaign is inspired by the rich history of Granbury, founded in 1866, and the City of Granbury tagline, “Where Texas History Lives.” The color of the label is influenced by the natural patina of an antique revolver. 

Revolver Brewing is located thirty-five minutes southwest of Fort Worth in historic Granbury, Texas. Since 1866, this community has shared a sense of responsibility and gratitude that has paved the way for happiness here. We’re inspired to celebrate our accomplishments and overcome challenges together.

A portion of the proceeds from this purchase goes to support the Lance McLean Memorial Foundation. Sergeant McClean was killed in the line of duty in Granbury in 2013.


Revolver Brewing

For part of what makes Revolver Brewing great, where all their brews are still made on site with fresh water from the Trinity Aquifer. The aquamarine color is meant to feel refreshing and clean.

Revolver Brewing is brewed in the countryside just 35 miles southwest of Fort Worth in Granbury, Texas where fresh water from the Trinity Aquifer is perfectly accessible. Seasonal and local ingredients is what makes our beer unique and special. It’s a shared passion of simple pleasures and quality time connects us. 

A portion of the proceeds from this purchase goes to support the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation (CKFF) whose programs support military and first responder marriages and communities. CKFF is a north Texas 501c3 tax exempt, national non-profit organization.




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