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voice and tone

The voice of PPGH is steady and educational. Like the symbol of the oak tree, PPGH is strong, steadfast and comforting. The tone is caring and leans toward preparedness. It’s important that the campaign strategy, as well as the content keeps these characteristics, too. The attributes of the oak tree should be transient in all language, visuals, and brand output, that is, keep it steady, symmetrical, and visually balanced. Dependability on the consistency of this brand will determine its success. 

The Power campaign


The Power of Wellness Campaign highlights family, and the power of good health habits, accessible health care, and fostering wellness in the community in various ways. It is the purpose of this campaign to promote access to excellent, nearby medical services. As well, it nicely sets up PPGH to micro campaign each of their specialty departments, including clinics and urgent care, as needed. See graphics below.


This brand supports preparedness and preventative medicine. Talk about family values, the value of good health habits, good health care, and taking care of the community that supports you. Language and imagery will be centered around the characteristics of an oak tree – wise, strong, long lasting, dependable, and productive.


A short term goal is to refocus recent attention to general wellness and longevity with healthcare that is committed to patient care. Long term goals include centering PPGH as the best regional resource for urgent care, diagnostic testing, labor and delivery, mammographies, general practitioners, physical therapy, and specialties like cardiac wellness.

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