LGL 2020 Rebrand




  1. Define Key Demographic Tiers
  2. Define formulas for content to be sure we hit target demographics
  3. Define distribution points based on key demographic tiers
  4. Understand how demographic tiers impact advertiser opportunities

Young Wives & Mothers

Age: 30s and early 40s


Average HH Income: $120,000 +

This married woman is a part of her community, and typically has ties to those in her neighborhood, church, workplace, or social groups. In addition to those locations, she frequents coffee shops, the grocery store, doctor’s offices (especially pediatricians and family doctors), and the gym or yoga studio. She often organizes the events, the household, the meals, and the vacations for the family (even if family hasn’t included any little ones yet). More than likely though, she has between 1 – 3 young children at home, or has the possibility in her near future.

She enjoys taking a few moments out of her busy schedule to relax, maybe with a glass of wine, and read about the things that inspire her. She is conservative, but likes to learn new things and explore possibilities. Though she is not wealthy, her and her family are on their way to a bright future. She consistently looks for little ways to elevate their lifestyle – from vacations and kid’s birthday parties to simple things like dinner ideas and how to make the perfect centerpiece for the Fourth of July.

While she is young, she has timeless taste. To capture her loyalty, a brand will have to present itself with a sense of confidence and easily attainable luxury that she will find aspirational. Trends and hyper-styled graphics need not apply.


Middle Aged & Active Mom

Age: 40s and 50s


Average HH Income: $150,000 +

As a grounded and successful member of her community, the Middle Aged & Active Mom is an enviable and powerful demographic to have in your corner. She has a strong network of friends and acquaintances and can be influential.

Her family is her first priority. Her children may be school-aged or getting close to “leaving the nest”, but she has moved from her stage as a “young mom” to a more confident and steady pace of being the caregiver in her household. Where she once was preoccupied with juggling daycare, fitness, friendships and personal time, she has now learned to embrace her role calmly and more confidently. She is also well settled into her career/job, or is comfortable with her choice not to pursue a career. She is happy where she is and is seeking new ways to relax and enjoy the things that matter to her.

At her family’s income level, she is able to afford the things she dreamed of in her younger years. She lives in a well-established neighborhood and takes great care in her home’s condition and presentation. Her interests include cooking, traveling, family, home decor, entertaining, mental/physical/spiritual health, community causes, philanthropy, and maintaining balance.

A key element of catching her attention will be to properly convey her aesthetic: relatable, effortless, and comforting.


The Provider, Husband and Father

Age: 30s and 40s


Average HH Income: $120,000 +

The husband and father takes his role as provider very seriously. He is highly driven in his career because he believes that his role is to provide a good life for his wife and children. He is conservative and traditional in his values.

He may own his own business, or be in a leadership role at his company. He has a large network both in business and in his personal life. As serious as he is about work and family, he enjoys his hobbies too. He is often found (and seen) golfing, fishing/boating, hunting, or doing anything outdoorsy. You can find him engaging in these traditionally male activities equal parts because of his true enjoyment of them, and his desire to appear to enjoy them as part of his well maintained persona.

He has refined taste, but isn’t likely to pick up a magazine or read an article unless it has a highly visual element that he’s drawn to. Because his taste skews so masculine, he will be most drawn to deeper hues, natural elements, or headlines that are in line with his interests. Branding should convey confident and casual luxury without being too pretentious. The best place to catch his attention will be through his wife, Facebook, and/or video media.

Retired at the Lake

Age: 60 +

Primarily female, but male counterpart should be considered

Average HH Income: Varies, retired (living on savings, investments, retirement accounts well planned for)

Though typically a couple, the female will be the primary reader to consider. Though retired, these couples stay busy with community groups, church, volunteer organizations, time with friends/family, and plenty of hobbies. 

Hobbies include gardening, fishing, spending time on the lake, entertaining, hosting families for the holidays, decorating, day trips, history, and learning more about the community they’ve chosen to spend their golden years in.

One of the many reasons this couple chose to retire in Granbury is because the values of the current demographic match their own. Another factor is the lake and nature. The small town feel, the history, and the shopping on the square sealed the deal. These folks are typically very conservative, traditional, and have strong Christian values. 

They appreciate an aesthetic that is sophisticated, but also quaint and charming. Print media is something they still cherish, although they are on Facebook and share what they believe to be valuable or interesting articles often. 



The Die Hard Local

Age: 30s – 70s

Equal liklihood of being male or female

Average HH Income: $65,000 +

The die hard local is a broad group full of individuals with varying socioeconomic factors, but they all agree on one thing: Granbury TX is the place for them.

Whether they were born here, or transplanted later in life, these are the locals that eat, sleep, and breathe all things Granbury. New business coming to the Square? They’ll be at the City Council meeting with bells on. Construction going on in town? They’ve heard all about it and posted warnings for their numerous social media interest groups. Saturday night? Bob’s on the Square.

Die hard locals are people about town. No matter their age, you can find them at community meetings, grand openings, chamber meetings, and all the favorite local hot spots. As is their mantra, they stay loyal to all things Granbury, and can be great brand champions as long as you don’t try to change the town they love too much.


Midlife Entrepreneur


Equal liklihood of being male or female

Average HH Income: $160,00+


Content Formula

  1. A Weekend Away
    1. Comanche – target Comanche advertisers
    2. Staycation – maybe hotels locally when your family visit
  2. Business women in town
    1. Top 10 women of the year
  3. Parent focus
  4. Recipes/cooking
  5. Interior Decorating
    1. Feature local home stores
  6. Entertaining
    1. Floral
    2. Setting a holiday table
    3. Feeding a crowd
  7. Seasonal at home:
    1. Ways to get your family in the holiday spirit
    2. Throw a fourth of July block party
  8. Health:
    1. Fitness
    2. Spiritual and Mental Health
    3. Journal aspect (questions to get you thinking)
  9. History
    1. Nuttshell
    2. Nutthosue
    3. Give it new life!
  10. Travel
    1. Hotel Lucy

Advertising Strategy


  1. Content based advertising
  2. Look for opportunities to partner with businesses for advertorials
    1. Ex) a cookware piece featured in the recipe
    2. Create little printed tags that say “as featured in”
  3. Channels:
    1. Video
    2. Social
    3. Website
    4. Print
  4. Placement based advertising sales
  5. Take a good look at advertiser packages

Distribution Strategy

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