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Our mission is to proudly recognize and support those roles responsible for the environment of a child.

“Unity today through a common commitment to every child. Unity tomorrow through every child’s hope in their future.”


The voice of Kvell Watches is educational and bold. It should not only be represented in the lively visuals but also within the powerful mission of Kvell. Awareness of Kvell’s story will capture the modern parent who values the product/company’s story more than the cost. The tone is inspirational and informative. Inclusion and representation motivate the business owners Kvell seeks to partner with for participation. Real-life testimonials go a long way for born educators, so Kvell should include this in their strategy.


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Chic Charlotte

Modern Mom


Chic Charlotte is a young working mom. She has a college degree, she is married and she has a couple kids. 


  • Skews female
  • Ages 25 – 45
  • Dual household income: $150,000+
  • Lives in the suburbs in a good school district


  • Busy working mom who wants the best for her kids
  • Believes in the power of social media, for connections, also for news and events
  • Educated follower of trends and the source of a product
  • Values the product / company’s story more than the cost


  • Finding balance at work and at home
  • Ensuring the happiness and health of her family
  • Maintaining a personal identity


  • Her family schedule, different ages, different needs, all of them important
  • Finding time for herself
  • Finding time at all! 

How to Reach Chic Charlotte:

Keep your messaging easy to access and widespread with a responsive website and digital marketing including Google and Facebook. Offer time savings and consider company values in targeted marketing efforts.

Motivated matt

Young Professional 


Motivated Matt has chosen his path and is excited to see it through. He looks to achieve his goals in a lasting way. Motivated Matt is a team player.


  • Demographic could be male or female
  • Ages 25 – 45
  • Household income: $65,000/year – $90,000+/year
  • Lives in the nearest transition neighborhood close to work


  • These young professionals are status driven
  • They like the finer things in life for a good price
  • Inclusion and representation motivates them
  • Practicality is really most important to them, but they don’t like to admit it


  • Securing the goals they’ve set for themselves
  • Save money and begin investing
  • Building and maintaining valuable relationships


  • Direct competition
  • Financial stress
  • Knowing when it’s the right decision
  • Time management

How to Reach Motivated Matt:

Position your brand in the right circles, whether it be corporate events, alumni fundraisers, non-profits, golf tournaments, etc. As he spends so much time with co-workers during and after work, Motivated Matt is influenced directly by professional peers. A mobile responsive website and a healthy presence on social media and search engines is preferred; remember Motivated Matt is a busy guy.

devoted donna

Born Educator


Devoted Donna wanted to stay in the town where she grew up, so she chose the education path, giving her the opportunity to make a living locally. The schedule works well for a working mother as well.


  • Demographic could be male or female
  • Ages 23 – 60
  • Household income: $25,000/year – $60,000+/year
  • Lives nearby in a small town


  • She is a natural caretaker
  • You can find her at the Friday football game and at church on Sunday
  • She stays on top of mom trends
  • She likely married her high school sweetheart


  • Ensuring the safety and success of her children (students and natural children)
  • Living a long time, health and beauty are important to her
  • Being able to look back at her life and know she did the best she could


  • Afraid of being alone
  • Retirement
  • Worries all the time about everything
  • Technology can be a challenge for her

How to Reach Devoted Donna:

Devoted Donna truly good inside and out. She can be a bit naive, but she is good at resourcing close friends, family, and co-workers for advice. Real-life testimonials go a long way for Devoted Donna. And while she can be technologically challenged, she embraces it and enjoys it. She loves Facebook! Social ads and retargeting would work well with her to position your services at the top of mind.


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