Pick up key audiences per industry by showcasing successful campaign visuals and tactics. Gain conversions with partnerships and traffic to our website. Our process, driven by our culture, is visualized in the case study by combining creative and data driven by qualified research. This is a chance to introduce SCOUT to the public. SCOUT is what makes us different, it’s what drives our process and ensures positive results. 

Introduce #GRNFX #SCOUT as a campaign element and weave into brand guide.


Internal Culture → Process → Deliverable → Case Study → External Perception → Internal Culture

Positioning Statement

This is marketing that is consistently reinvented, created for the modern consumer by thinking outside of the box, always staying one step ahead of competitors. The deliverables are inspired by the client, simultaneously, the brand is protected. The process is inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s readymade theory, we assign meaning to the campaign with intentional language and graphics. This process is proven with the case study campaign.

Consider Marcel Duchamp’s rules of the “readymade.”


  1. Choose the objects. (example: Green + Fox)
  2. Cancel the use of the objects. (example: Green + Fox)
  3. Assign new meaning to the objects. (example: GreenFox = marketing agency)

Sample Taglines

“Inspired by You”

“Campaigns That Work”

“Brands That Last”

Campaign Hashtag


Color Palette






Sample Case Study SCOUT Header


Here are some of the resources needed for the project.

Client Contact

Eric P-Diddy Wilkerson


Greenfox Team

Senior Account Director: Lindsey Moore
Creative Director: Melissa McGavock
Digital Director: Aaron Meeks
Art Director: McKenzie Tucker