Mask Campaign

Our Understanding


It is our understanding that it is the priority of the City of Granbury to run a campaign that encourages and inspires the people of the city to show love and care to those around them by wearing a mask during this sensitive time where COVID-19 cases are on the rise.

It is also our understanding that there is a fine line between coming across as negative, demanding or making people feel guilty, rather than helping others feel inspired to love their community and do their part by wearing a mask.

We understand the importance of communicating this in a way that brings positivity, hope and love while at the same time helping the community take responsibility.


To educate and inform the community of Granbury about the importance of wearing masks in order to bring tourism back. We will do this by removing the stigma of wearing a mask and calling the citizens to higher.

Recommended Channels

Business Kits

Local Newspaper

Web graphics

Social media (Organic)





local Shop Posters and banners




Graphic Design

Photography & videography

Coloring Pages

Social media Strategy


4-6 Video Series

creative concept

Pole Banner 

Social Media Ad

Mirror Cling For Public Restrooms

Sample Social Media Posts

Print and Traditional Media

Video Concept

Video: Example story board

Primary Campaign Video Script

Shot: B-Roll of lively Granbury
“You know Granbury…
You know we’re full of life,
Full of memories, history and love.
Though things aren’t what they used to be,
we know hope is on the horizon,
and it starts with us.”
(Fade out)

Fade in- empty seats of Granbury Live, empty streets of Granbury
Voiceover: “Hope comes when we do our part.”

Long shot zooming in to Daughter and great granddaughter outside of nursing home
(Voice & Shot) Family Member: “I wear a mask because I’m ready to hug my mom again.”

Business owner in their store (Red on the Square), wearing a mask and handing masked customer their purchased items
(Voice & Shot) Business Owner: “I wear a mask to keep tourism alive in Granbury.”
                                                                                                                        Shot: Business owner in their store (Board and Brush), wearing a mask looking into the camera.
(Voice & Shot) Business Owner: “I wear a mask to continue to provide for my family.”

Child is playing with mom/dad on the swing set
(Voice & Shot) Mom: “I wear a mask because I’m ready for my kids to play with their friends at schools again”
*Note: We will attempt to get the child doing the speaking line

Zoom out of Granbury (Drone, B-Roll)
(Voice & Shot) Group voiceover with multiple talking head shots:
“I wear a mask because I love Granbury.”

Tone of Video


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Client Contact

Tammy Dooley
(817) 492-4249 ext. 116



GreenFox Team

Zeke Dorr
Eric Wilkins
Kelsey Wallen