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The goal of Fortress Homes is to provide families with the custom home of their desire and needs. Quality focused, detail oriented, and a solid understanding of their clients is what drives the company forward. At Fortress Homes, building homes of superior craftsmanship does not mean that price or budget must be compromised. They provide the best product for the best price, and communicate with both clients and subcontractors to achieve the end goal. 

Voice & Tone

The voice of Fortress Homes is wise, and at the same time modern as they work to stay relevant. This keeps the brand’s voice strong by reflecting modern day trends, while simultaneously holding on to traditional values. Consumers should feel like they can look to Fortress Homes for high style. The tone is educated and familiar. This is a voice that knows their client and how to reach them. They pay attention to detail and they suspect their client will, too.  


Cultivating a healthy working relationship with vendors and customers is essential. Style and reputation should be considered across all platforms. The homes are excellent in quality, both in beauty and lastingness. The main focus of the Fortress brand should be to reflect this quality successfully engaging the most desirable demographics. 

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Traditional troy

Charismatic Father Figure 

More than ever, parenting is central to a man’s identity. They want to provide for their family, however quality time and shared responsibility is more valued than ever. They are task oriented and tend to naturally compartmentalize tasks by priority. They source major networks for news updates and social networking for recreation. They are fickle about the power of Facebook persuasion. Real time testimonials, related networking events and community influence are the most important factors when considering a large purchase. At the top of mind are smart investments, both financial and personal. 

Chic Charlotte 

Modern Mom

The modern mom demographic is one that truly stands out for Fortress Homes. As mothers are often the center of the home, they are often the decision maker for home life. She keeps busy, she sources the internet and social networking for decision making and shopping. As she is a hard worker, she looks to pamper herself every now and then. She enjoys feeling special and doing special things for the ones she loves. The modern mom cares more about the company’s values and the source of the product than the price. She is intensely influential to her peers and in return looks to them to stay on top of trends and media. 

Refined Robert

Retiree / Second Time Homebuyers / Silvers

This is a demographic that is distinct and sometimes difficult to attain. They are not only an educated buyer, they are an educated home buyer. They are knowledgeable with investments, specifically real estate. Furthermore, this home is a physical realization of their accomplishments and a destination for where they want to live their best years with family and friends. They place value on the source and story of the product, however not as intensely as the modern mom. They are a little less romantic, dosed with a healthy serving of logic. Silvers are influenced by their own wisdom and their peers, to which they are, in return, intensely persuasive. They expect a detailed outline of processes and if they pick you to be their consultant, you must live up to their expectations. In exchange, the outcome is rewarding and lends to effectively reaching this dominant demographic. 


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President & COO Kelsey Wallen
Project Manager: Michelle Cooper