Create awareness of new doctors at Cross Timbers Ortho (joining August 3, 2020) within the Cross Timbers area. Drive traffic to the landing page where they can learn more about these two dynamic women and ultimately seek CTO for their orthopaedic care.


This campaign will position the two new doctors, Dr. Jill McAngus and Dr. Alana Waterford, as people with back-stories, lives, passions and experience. By highlighting the personal information about these doctors, we increase the community’s potential connection with them and increase the chances of conversion (into future patients).

Dr. McAngus will be shown in her professional photo alongside a photo of her with her husband from his football days, ideally decked out in TSU gear. The third image can be CTO brand generic, or an additional personal photo – perhaps graduation from TSU or her with her family.

Dr. Waterford will be shown in her professional photo alongside a photo of her at CrossFit, with a third photo either CTO brand generic, or another image that depicts an aspect of her personal life that she would be willing to share.

Campaign tagline

Get to Know Your New Hometown Doctors


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Doctor Bio Pages (see link)

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Print Collateral / Other Graphics (if needed)

Targeting (Advertising)

Interest in CrossFit

Interest in Tarleton

Sports Medicine and Kinesiology at Tarleton

Other Similar Interests (to those of the doctors)

The geographic region of the entire Cross Timbers area

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Website Landing Page


Landing page for campaign will be a separate page from the Doctor Biographies (Meet Our Docs) page and will not be on the menu bar.


[Header Graphic] Meet Your New Hometown Docs

[Section 1:]

[Header]Get to Know Dr. Jill McAngus

[Photos: Headshot large on right; 2 accent photos on left]

I was born in Fort Worth and grew up in Boyd, TX and was raised on a dairy farm.  I was valedictorian of my high school class and thoroughly enjoyed growing up and living in a small, rural area. I played every sport possible – softball, basketball, track, cross country, powerlifting, and golf. 

I then went to college at Tarleton State University and was involved in the Presidential Honors Program.  I met my husband, Ross, at Tarleton.  He is a Tarleton State Football Alumni.  We got married after we graduated college and went to UTMB in Galveston for medical school, where Ross continued coaching football and teaching at La Marque HS and Angleton HS.  I then went to Residency in Temple and Ross coached football at Temple HS. 

I have always wanted to end up in a smaller town and continue to serve and give back to the communities that I feel are so valuable.  

My husband and I fell in love with Stephenville during our days at Tarleton State University and we are looking forward to making this home again for ourselves and our children.  We are excited to get a chance to serve in such a great community.  Bleed purple!

“To be a successful surgeon, you must have the eyes of a hawk, the heart of a lion, and the hands of a lady.”

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[Header] Get to Know Dr. Alana Waterford

[Photos: Headshot large on right; 2 accent photos on left]

I’m originally from Mesa, Arizona.  I am an only child, raised by two wonderful parents, who impressed on me work ethic, drive, and love of God.  I rode my first horse just as I could barely walk.  I eventually went on to compete in the jumpers divisions of equestrian sports.  In high school I ran track and field and eventually walked on to earn a scholarship as a Pole Vaulter and High Jumper at Arizona State University.  Together, our women’s team won four Pac-12 (previously Pac-10 during my time) and 3 NCAA Division 1 National Championships (2 indoor, one outdoor).  After graduating college, I continued to work out, but I missed the ‘team atmosphere’, and thus found Crossfit.  I started Crossfit in 2014, and continued, eventually obtaining my Crossfit Level 1 Coaching Certificate in 2018.


At 9 years old, my parents and I traveled to Labrea, Brazil to complete mission work with a Christian nurse missionary.  It was that time that I knew my calling was to become a physician.  I furthermore decided I wanted to become a sports doc and team physician during my college athletic career.   

In my mind, an athlete isn’t just the high school, college, or professional athlete, but also any person looking towards becoming healthier by physical fitness.  I have a huge passion to help any athlete, of any age, to achieve their goals in overall health, athletic activity, sport, or work.  


It was the people of Stephenville that drew me here.  It was easy to see Stephenville is community of hard workers, who need to stay healthy to complete their jobs and support their family.  I aim to serve our community by providing excellent care to every patient, treating them as I would my own family.   Colossians 3:23

“Encouraging patients to better their lives through activity and nutrition via change of lifestyle to prevent chronic disease.”

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“We are excited to welcome Dr. McAngus and Dr. Waterford to our team of sports medicine and orthopaedics specialists. Bringing on these two dynamic doctors not only gains us excellent team and community members, but also increases our ability to see our valued patients in greater volume and more quickly. Please join us in welcoming them to the Cross Timbers community!”

-Cross Timbers Orthopaedics Team

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Chic Charlotte

Modern Mom


Chic Charlotte is a young working mom. She has a college degree, she is married and she has a couple kids. 


  • Skews female
  • Ages 25 – 45
  • Dual household income: $150,000+
  • Lives in the suburbs in a good school district


  • Busy working mom who wants the best for her kids
  • Believes in the power of social media, for connections, also for news and events
  • Educated follower of trends and the source of a product
  • Values the product / company’s story more than the cost


  • Finding balance at work and at home
  • Ensuring the happiness and health of her family
  • Maintaining a personal identity


  • Her family schedule, different ages, different needs, all of them important
  • Finding time for herself
  • Finding time at all! 

How to Reach Chic Charlotte:

Keep your messaging easy to access and widespread with a responsive website and digital marketing including Google and Facebook. Offer time savings and consider company values in targeted marketing efforts.

jazzy judy

Cool Silver


Jazzy Judy is loving life! She is financially stable and living out her dreams, she has a couple of grandkids and she is almost completely comfortable with who she is. Jazzy Judy is confident in her decision making and as a mentor the many family and friends that she cares about.


  • Demographic could be male or female
  • Ages 55 – 75
  • Household income: $80,000+
  • Lives in an established neighborhood in her paid off ranch style home


  • Highly maintained appearance (hair, nails, eye cream, etc)
  • Likes to be “in-the-know”, stays involved in family and community groups
  • Has a smartphone, but never answers it
  • Worries about everyone all the time


  • Health and longevity
  • Learning new things
  • Instilling good memories and healthy habits


  • Choosing positive trends
  • New technology
  • Balancing family and self-care
  • Financial stress (specifically unknowns, like budgeting medical care)

How to Reach Jazzy Judy:

Jazzy Judy is not impulsive, she considers every decision carefully. The best way to impress her is to come highly recommended by friends and acquaintances, testimonials go a long way with Jazzy Judy. Staying in front of her, sublimidly, may work, too. In other words, be present visually with signage and social media campaigns (while she’s liking pics of the grandkids on Facebook). Jazzy Judy may not remember why she knows who you are, but she’ll find comfort in recognizing your brand.


Born Educator


Devoted Donna wanted to stay in the town where she grew up so she chose the path of education giving her the opportunity to make a living locally. Also, the school schedule is convenient for a working parent. 


  • Demographic could be male or female
  • Ages 23 – 60
  • Household income: $25,000/year – $60,000+/year
  • Lives nearby in a small town


  • She is a natural caretaker
  • You can find her at the Friday football game and at church on Sunday
  • She stays on top of trends
  • Married high school sweetheart


  • Ensuring the safety and success of her children (students and natural children)
  • Living a long time, health and appearance are important
  • Making a difference for the better


  • Retirement
  • Worries all the time about everything
  • Technology can be a challenge

How to Reach Devoted Donna:

Devoted Donna truly good inside and out. She is good at resourcing close friends, family and co-workers for advice. Real life testimonials go a long way for Devoted Donna. And while she can be technologically challenged, she embraces it and enjoys it. She loves Facebook! Social ads and retargeting would work well with her to position your services at top of mind.

Competitive Caleb

College Athlete

Competitive Caleb is all American. He lives for the game and all that goes with it. He seems young to already know what he wants, but sports is all he knows and on the field is where he feels naturally in control. 


  • Demographic could be male or female
  • Ages 17 – 27
  • Household income: Family support and scholarship $$
  • Lives on campus in a tiny apartment close to the gym


  • Energized, naturally high on endorphins
  • Basic comfortable clothing/appearance
  • Puts God and family first
  • Majors in business for an injury ruining career Plan B


  • Win the game
  • Set records
  • Retire by age 32


  • Maintaining his support system (coach, girlfriend, professors)
  • Balancing sports and school
  • Avoiding injury
  • Seeing life past football

How to Reach Competitive Caleb:

Competitive Caleb will immediately seek you out when he needs you. The best strategy is to be sure you’re easy to find. This comes with excellent recommendations from coaches, signage (promotional items, banners, billboards), as well as a mobile friendly website highly ranked on Google.


Campaign Launch

June 1, 2020 Start

September 1, 2020 End

Client Contact


(254) 965-2663


Nanette Evans:  nanvevans@gmail.com


561 North Graham
Stephenville, Texas 76401