CAMPAIGN: Your Best Defense is Injury Prevention


Educate viewers on the effectiveness of strength training and injury prevention with CTO. 


Demographics change a bit for this campaign, they are young athletes and young mothers/caretakers of young athletes. As well, this is a subject that even highly trained athletes easily ignore. Therefore, language should also be powerful and brief. Visuals should be sharper than normal and eye catching.


Current Channels

Website (landing page if needed)

Organic Facebook

Facebook Ad

Google Text Ads

Facebook Organic

“Sports Injury Prevention with CTO”

“Your Best Defense is Injury Prevention”

Integrate into Formula 3: Friday Facts/ Tips (Patient Education)

Link to website landing page that offers a Heidi as a contact for appointments (and gain conversions)


“Sports Injury Prevention with CTO”

“Your Best Defense is Injury Prevention”


Baseball injury prevention

Sports injury prevention

Soccer injury prevention

Spring training injury prevention


“Injury Prevention” Landing page replicates contact page, keep info about person of contact – Heidi 

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“Sports Injury Prevention with CTO” 

“Your Best Defense is Injury Prevention”

Ask about Care Credit! 

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“Many sports injuries are avoidable. Spring sports season is here. Be ready with injury prevention at CTO. Our staff is educated and prepared to assist you and your loved ones with physical exams, conditioning and mediating risk.” 

Contact for Appointments

Heidi Rivers

Billing Administrator, Cross Timbers Orthopaedic and Cross Timbers Imaging

Heidi Rivers has more than 30 years experience in health administration. She helps explain benefits to patients so they feel at ease about their health and what the cost is. Heidi likes making patients feel comfortable and advocating for the patient whenever she can.

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*Appointments required for patients who haven’t seen a doctor in more than 30 days.

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Chic Charlotte

Modern Mom


Chic Charlotte is a young working mom. She has a college degree, she is married and she has a couple kids. 


  • Skews female
  • Ages 25 – 45
  • Dual household income: $150,000+
  • Lives in the suburbs in a good school district


  • Busy working mom who wants the best for her kids
  • Believes in the power of social media, for connections, also for news and events
  • Educated follower of trends and the source of a product
  • Values the product / company’s story more than the cost


  • Finding balance at work and at home
  • Ensuring the happiness and health of her family
  • Maintaining a personal identity


  • Her family schedule, different ages, different needs, all of them important
  • Finding time for herself
  • Finding time at all! 

How to Reach Chic Charlotte:

Keep your messaging easy to access and widespread with a responsive website and digital marketing including Google and Facebook. Offer time savings and consider company values in targeted marketing efforts.

Competitive Caleb

College Athlete

Competitive Caleb is all American. He lives for the game and all that goes with it. He seems young to already know what he wants, but sports is all he knows and on the field is where he feels naturally in control. 


  • Demographic could be male or female
  • Ages 17 – 27
  • Household income: Family support and scholarship $$
  • Lives on campus in a tiny apartment close to the gym


  • Energized, naturally high on endorphins
  • Basic comfortable clothing/appearance
  • Puts God and family first
  • Majors in business for an injury ruining career Plan B


  • Win the game
  • Set records
  • Retire by age 32


  • Maintaining his support system (coach, girlfriend, professors)
  • Balancing sports and school
  • Avoiding injury
  • Seeing life past football

How to Reach Competitive Caleb:

Competitive Caleb will immediately seek you out when he needs you. The best strategy is to be sure you’re easy to find. This comes with excellent recommendations from coaches, signage (promotional items, banners, billboards), as well as a mobile friendly website highly ranked on Google.


Campaign Launch

January 13 – April 24

Client Contact


(254) 965-2663


Nanette Evans:


561 North Graham
Stephenville, Texas 76401