Community reach Campaign



Build on the previous awareness campaign for the new doctors at Cross Timbers Ortho (joined August 3, 2020), but within the context of the new locations in Glen Rose and Pecan Plantation . Build trust by stating that, if Division One Athletes trust us, then your community can too.

Creative Notes

This campaign will be a smooth mix between sports and community. Imagery should hit both. Possibly a collage of sports and different types of people in a community.

The feeling should be upbeat and full of life. Don’t show injury photos, but rather happy people enjoying life.



September 15, 2020 – TBD

Campaign WORD CLOud

The demographic for this campaign are both males and females, 35 and up that live in the Glen Rose and Pecan Plantation areas. The presence of LOCAL is key. Therefore, language should reflect availability and reliability. Highlight their sports medicine expertise as the minor element with the major element being they are a full service Ortho operation. Keep descriptions brief and intentional, focused on local and trustworthiness. 

Campaign tagline

“Athlete Trusted, Community Approved”

The Official Physicians of Division 1 Tarleton Athletics. 


Landing Page on Website

Facebook Ads (3 – divide budget between each persona)

Facebook Post (organic)

Optimizations to text and local listings

The Pecan Columns

Local Billboard

Geo Fence (located in Glen Rose and Pecan Plantation)

Next Door App Sponsorship (research needed)

Targeting (Advertising)

See “Jazzy Judy, Chic Charlotte, and Polished Preston” Key Persona


Color Palette






Content strategy


Facebook Organic

“Athlete Trusted, Community Approved”

Integrate into Formula for posting

Link to the landing page of announcing new locations. 

Facebook Ads

Athlete Trusted, Community Approved” 

“We’ve Expanded!”

Local Advertising

Local Outdoor/Print/Radio/Consider local advertising opportunities such as billboards, community newspaper, community facebook groups, etc.


Google Text Ad Optimizations

Granbury Ortho

Other service line optimizations



Campaign Launch

September 1, 2020 Start

November 1, 2020 End

Client Contact


(254) 965-2663


Nanette Evans:


561 North Graham
Stephenville, Texas 76401