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The Team That Pays You


The voice of Black Hat Realty is sincere and down to earth. The intent is to display the realty team’s practicality through bright visuals and providing all the property details upfront. Because of the lower listing fees than competitors, Black Hat Realty develops a tone of honesty and trustworthiness with buyers. Generate interest by delicately promoting to prospective buyers that they can receive a rebate on Black Hat Realty’s side of the commission.

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Trade Professional

Hard-working blue collar professional


Dedicated Daniel has chosen his path and sticks to what he knows. Dedicated Daniel lives for today and is somewhat of a rogue member of society. 


  • Demographic could skew male or female
  • Ages 18- 50
  • Household income: $50,000 per year – $100,000+ per year
  • Lives nearby in a small town, usually in transition


  • These trade guys are money driven (they move where the jobs are)
  • They love their toys – guns, tools, equipment, motors, Copenhagen etc.
  • Typically have a couple of children
  • They prefer to keep it simple


  • Fish and game records
  • Save money and dream big
  • Keep his mom happy


  • Industry fluctuation / job changes
  • Financial stress
  • Knowing when it’s the right decision
  • Stepping outside their comfort zone personally and professionally

How to Reach Dedicated Daniel:

It’s best to position yourself boldly and across multiple platforms. Dedicated Daniel is traditional with his values, yet adventurous with his social communication and recreational activities. He likes to be on top of trends and impress his peers. Make yourself easy to find on Google, re-target him like crazy, and remain relatable, yet cool with your social media presence. There’s a fine line between conservative and edgy with Dedicated Daniel.


motivated matt

Young Professional

Small- to medium-sized business owner or employee working their way up.


Motivated Matt has chosen his path and is excited to see it through. He looks to achieve his goals in a lasting way. Motivated Matt is a team player.


  • Demographic could be male or female
  • Ages 25 – 35
  • Household income: $65,000/year – $90,000+/year
  • Lives in the nearest transition neighborhood close to work


  • These young professionals are status-driven
  • They like the finer things in life for a reasonable price
  • Inclusion and representation motivates them
  • Practicality is most important to them, but they don’t like to admit it


  • Securing the goals they’ve set for themselves
  • Save money and begin investing
  • Building and maintaining valuable relationships


  • Direct competition
  • Financial stress
  • Knowing when it’s the right decision
  • Time management

How to Reach Motivated Matt:

Position your brand in the right circles, whether it be corporate events, alumni fundraisers, non-profits, golf tournaments, etc. As he spends so much time with co-workers during and after work, Motivated Matt is influenced directly by professional peers. A mobile responsive website and a healthy presence on social media and search engines are preferred. Remember, Motivated Matt is a busy guy.

VYBE Marketing Team

President & COO Kelsey Wallen
Project Manager: Michelle Cooper