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The Beau Bear Foundation exists to support families that are in the midst of the unexpected and tragic crisis of losing a child. The goal of the website is to bring awareness to the foundation, inform, and educate anyone that knows a family in need of assistance.


BBF has a mission to reach and bless grieving families after a tragic and sudden loss of a child. Founded by a family that has walked through their own loss, the foundation was born out of compassion and the conviction to help others that are dealing with emotional trauma. The Beau Bear Foundation provides financial aid, household essentials, and additional emotional support and resources.

Voice & Tone

The voice of The Beau Bear Foundation embodies and exudes empathy, love, and understanding. The age of the voice is mature, but not specific to any one generation. BBF is knowledgeable and resourceful, being well-versed in hospitality. With an eagerness to serve and bring hope to those that need it most, The Beau Bear Foundation communicates in a way that is genuine, calming and trustworthy.


The marketing direction will be aimed at utilizing the website to spread awareness. With the demographic being friends and loved ones of the victims at loss, social media marketing across the main platforms is recommended. Local advertising within the community and partnerships with businesses can only help in brand awareness. With an emphasis on The Mills’s story and how the foundation came to fruition will be a major key to building trust and bringing hope to the audience. 


Here are some of the resources that you might need.


Below is a list of different traits of the ideal persona that we will want to target:

  • Male and Female ages 25-70
  • Social, involved in the community and/or church. 
  • Parents with kids that are still at home. 
  • Grandparents that are empty nesters. 
  • People in business. 
  • Busy mom’s with Amazon addictions. 
  • Dad’s that play fantasy football. 
  • Social media savvy moms. 
  • Teachers, coaches, administrators. 

VYBE Marketing Team

President & COO Kelsey Wallen
Project Manager: Michelle Cooper