Brand Kit


Color Palette – PRIMARY COLORS

#132D1E | PMS – 5535 C

#54AB47| PMS – 7738 C


#6FC060| PMS – 360 C

#179346 | PMS – 348 C

#227E81| PMS – 7473 C

#E9F4F5| PMS – 621 C

Voice & Tone

ACIS is resourceful, efficient, and encompasses a forward-thinking mindset. Striving to problem solve and continue to maintain a strong reputation of reliability, we keep not only our customers our priority, but also our technicians and internal personnel as well. 

Providing the latest technology in HVAC, and keeping our serviceman educated and in the know of industry standards and updates, we are able to effectively perform the necessary remedies to ensure client satisfaction. Our approach to withold integrity is driven by our focus on core values, excellence, and trusted partnerships.

Working with a variety of mid-aged consumers and professionals, ACIS has a voice that exudes confidence, respect, and wisdom. This tone inclines the client to establish trust while building value around the brand. 

Core Values

Excellence – We hold ourselves to a higher standard. 

Teamwork – We always work together. 

Growth – We strive to get better every day. 

Passion – We love what we do. 

Humility – We put others before ourselves. 

Honesty – We tell the truth. 


Enterprising ethan

Ambitious Entrepreneur 

Enterprising Ethan is smart and creative. He maintains control over all his endeavors of which there are many. He identifies himself as accomplished however he’s always looking for the next big thing.


  • Demographic skews male
  • Ages 30 – 60
  • Household income: $200,000+
  • Lives in a family friendly neighborhood, convenient to trendy areas for shopping and dining out


  • Married with children
  • Bougie appearance (clothes, accessories, food and drink, etc)
  • Well spoken, yet casual extrovert
  • Dominant personality


  • Financial freedom
  • Overcoming personal challenges
  • Blazing trails followed by notable recognition


  • Work/life balance
  • Health and fitness
  • Admitting defeat

How to Reach Enterprising Ethan:

Stay focused on quality and prestige with top brands and case studies. Consider the industry handicap with this persona, their behavior can be unpredictable and they can be difficult as well as time consuming to manage. Find similar personality patterns. They are smart, they are creative, they are solution oriented and typically want to maintain control. Let them feel like they are a part of the creative process and always look for new and interesting ways to present their brand. They like to stay ahead of the game, always.

Dedicated Daniel 

Trade Professional

Hard-working blue collar professional


Dedicated Daniel has chosen his path and sticks to what he knows. Dedicated Daniel lives for today and is somewhat of a rogue member of society. 


  • Demographic could skew male or female
  • Ages 18- 50
  • Household income: $50,000 per year – $100,000+ per year
  • Lives nearby in a small town, usually in transition


  • These trade guys are money driven (they move where the jobs are)
  • They love their toys – guns, tools, equipment, motors, Copenhagen etc.
  • Typically have a couple of children
  • They prefer to keep it simple


  • Fish and game records
  • Save money and dream big
  • Keep his mom happy


  • Industry fluctuation / job changes
  • Financial stress
  • Knowing when it’s the right decision
  • Stepping outside their comfort zone personally and professionally

How to Reach Dedicated Daniel:

It’s best to position yourself boldly and across multiple platforms. Dedicated Daniel is traditional with his values, yet adventurous with his social communication and recreational activities. He likes to be on top of trends and impress his peers. Make yourself easy to find on Google, re-target him like crazy, and remain relatable, yet cool with your social media presence. There’s a fine line between conservative and edgy with Dedicated Daniel.

devoted donna

Vacation Home Buyer


Cool Cynthia is calm and collected. She has been successful in life, she looks really great on paper (successful career, successful hobbyist, successful mother figure). She may have a couple of kids or grandkids. She is comfortable (for the most part) with the decisions she’s made in life. She lives for herself, she doesn’t feel bad about taking time or money out for what she needs. 


  • Demographic could be male or female
  • Ages 35 – 55
  • Household income: $100,000+
  • Lives in an established neighborhood, they also have a vacation home


  • Generally still working and/or has children in the house
  • Stays involved, but enjoys her alone time (or family time), too
  • Is comfortable with current technology platforms 
  • Is less worried about society expectations than her younger peers (only slightly)


  • Getting the most out of her free time
  • Establishing personal goals and meeting them
  • Health and longevity


  • Finding free time
  • Maintaining superficial, yet important relationships
  • Balancing family and self-care
  • Budgeting unknowns like healthcare and wellness

How to Reach Cool Cynthia:

Cool Cynthia can be impulsive, but she’s generally a straightened arrow. She’s confident. She knows what she wants and goes after it. She has little time left for herself, but works to find it. Get in front of her by remaining very present on multiple platforms. Remember she has very little time, so Google targeting, social media targeting, and SEO is all important. Print is not as important, but she does like to pick up local magazines. Personal recommendations from colleagues or friends go a long way for her, too. Just be sure to be easily searchable when she Googles you.

VYBE Marketing Team

President & COO Kelsey Wallen
Project Manager: Michelle Kalina